5 Powerful Steps to Developing a Twitter Strategy for Your Business

by Obaidul Haque on August 10, 2011

"Developing an effective Twitter strategy is vital to elevate your business to new levels."

Just because your business is on Twitter doesn’t mean it will reach new heights as well. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are on Twitter. But how often do you come across with a success story?

To elevate your business to the next level, you do need plan a powerful Twitter strategy. But when you start exploring success tips, you can easily get overwhelmed with tons of advice available on the internet. Where to start and how to start type of questions confuse businesses.

Well, I thought it’s time to provide businesses with a strategy which brings them results and can be easily followed. So, I put together five powerful steps for developing a Twitter strategy which really works.

#1. Understand the Target Demographic
You have an awesome product to offer people. So, you jumped onto the Twitterverse bandwagon because you were inspired by hearing a couple of success stories. Hold on! Achieving marketing success on Twitter will never pay off, if you don’t know who you want to reach.

That clarifies you need to understand your target demographic. Some of key demographic variables include age group, sex, educational background, geographical location, income range, religion, marital status, language etc.

Find out which demographic you should actually target to grow your business and increase the sales revenue. Identify what an ideal customer for your business looks like. Otherwise, you’ll waste plenty of time and effort while marketing on Twitter.

#2. Define Goals
Business strategies can’t simply exist without goals. When you are creating a strategy to grow your business on Twitter, you need to visualize your goals. Depending on your requirements, you may want to use Twitter to drive traffic to your company website, boost sales, collect emails addresses, generate leads for your business etc. That’s why it’s crucial to clearly define your business goals to make the most of your online Twitter marketing.

#3. Interact (Listen, Ask & Respond)
When you are aware who you want to target and define your goals as well, the next important step is to start engaging or interacting with customers. Keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to what your audience has to say.

You can’t achieve business growth simply by listening. The next stage of listening to your customers is to ask them something and respond to what they are asking of you. Asking questions alone can bring valuable feedbacks which you can further work upon to modify your products and services. Also be ready to respond to your audience’s queries, doubts and confusions.

#4. Announce Rewards
An important aspect of engaging the audience is to offer them benefits. Businesses should always remember to announce discounted deals and special offers from time to time. It is an excellent idea to reward your customers for being loyal to your business. Twitter sharing by the audience can also be rewarded in multiple ways.

If you are ready with discounts, benefits and loyalty awards, you can soon create a buzz for business. If people have chosen to step into a relationship with your brand, they are worthy of receiving some benefits.

#5. Track Progress
Finally, you need to ask – “How should I measure my progress on Twitter?” You are investing a good amount of time and money on Twitter business promotion. So, you must ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted.

To find out the degree of your impact on the audience, you can keep track of some key metrics which include the following.

Number of followers
Ratio of followers count to following count
Rate of click-throughs
Frequency of retweets (RT)
Frequency of direct messages (DM)
Frequency of replies

And there are several excellent tools to help you track your progress on Twitter. Some of the most valuable Twitter analytics tools you can use to find out where you are actually headed include Klout, Backtweets, Twitter Grader, Twitalyzer etc. Each of the aforementioned tools has something different to offer.

How did you find this Twitter business strategy? Please feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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Greenfun73 August 11, 2011 at 7:15 am

I follow Obaidul on twitter. I don’t have a personal buisness but I am entertaining the thought of “personal branding”. I haven’t commited to a specfic subject or cause yet but so many doors are leading this way. I hope it clicks soon so I can participate and offer something to social awareness.


Anonymous August 11, 2011 at 9:39 am

Welcome to HelloBloggerz. Thanks for following me on Twitter. And best of luck!


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