Guest Blogging is White Hat SEO at its Finest!

by Obaidul Haque on February 27, 2013

white-hat-seoYes, and I really mean it. Once you are aware of the superb SEO advantages that guest blogging can bring, you’ll agree as well. But, you know what, guest posting can easily become spam as well. Surprised? Well, it’s the kind of approach that you adopt which makes all the difference. Many people are already spamming the web through their so-called guest posting.

So, when does guest blogging become spam?

I’m sure you have heard about article distribution or article submission. When you hear the words ‘guest blogging’, you begin to think it must be something like submitting articles to article directories. Very soon, you get started with the spammy technique of cranking out posts one after another, and publishing them randomly on just any blogs (low quality, irrelevant). You don’t actually care about the quality of your posts, where they are going live and the kind of impact it will make on readers or the target audience.

You keep on doing it because ‘backlinks’ is all that’s on your mind. If you are taking guest posting this way, you are worthy of congratulations (lol). You are spamming the web really well. But the kind of spam that your are creating doesn’t only add clutter to the web, it jeopardizes the life of your own web properties as well. You are acquiring backlinks around shallow content. You are building links that won’t help you, rather they might drop your site’s search rankings anytime soon. Worse still, writing low quality guest articles also refelects badly on the reputation of your brand. What more could you ask for?

Slow down, my friend!

You aren’t helping anyone. [You're going the black-hat way.]

Your SEO is white hat, only when you are abiding by the search engines rules and policies that focus on enhancing the user experience. But Google webmaster guidelines never allow you to create low quality or shallow content and use it to acquire tons of backlinks overnight, at the cost of the readers’ experience. By distributing low quality articles across the web in the name of guest blogging, you are only trying to game the system for higher search engine rankings quickly.

Not following the Google webmaster guidelines (i.e. indulging in black hat SEO) will only lead to the downgrading of PageRank or complete removal of your site from search engine results. Beware!

I repeat: ‘Guest blogging is white hat SEO, at its finest’. It is certainly the finest white hat SEO technique, but only when you do it right.

Guest blogging is superb for SEO because –

It builds backlinks the natural way. (Google loves them)
It gives you the freedom of picking sites with good SE authority.
It boosts your Google AR (Author Rank).
It helps you build genuine relationships, which result in more links.

Guest posting, the right way, doesn’t only help you acquire quality backlinks for your blog or website, it builds relationships as well. If you didn’t know it yet, please bear in mind that best links originate from best relationships. But what’s Google AR, and how does guest posting help build it. In short, Google AR is an upcoming Google feature which ties any particular piece of content to its creator, therefore identifying the actual author. [May be, I’ll dedicate a new post to the ‘Google AuthorRank’ topic.]

If you are ready to do guest posting ‘the right way’, so that it takes your website or blog’s SEO to the next level while boosting the growth of your online business, here are the key steps to follow.

Identify top quality, niche relevant blogs.
Understand the audience you will be writing to.
Think of some unique guest post ideas.
Write an email pitch for contacting the blogger (mention topic ideas).
Once agreed upon, go through the guest posting guidelines.
Craft the content (put your best foot forward).
Submit your guest post, and enjoy it go live.

Till now, you have followed all the key steps that would make guest blogging work the best in your favor. But there’s one more thing, which a lot of guest authors wouldn’t care about. It’s following up! Once the guest post is live, you shouldn’t forget to go back and respond to comments as they appear. In addition, you should promote the published article among your network of contacts. Even if you have written a high quality guest, not following up can throw water on all the effort. So, make sure you don’t commit this blunder.

Are you guest blogging the right way? Please let me know your views, thoughts and opinions what the SEO value of guest blogging.

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Chris February 28, 2013 at 6:01 am

Guest blogging is definitely one of the most recommended link building strategies of the past year. You just have to ensure that the content is good/unique and the site you are guest posting on is trustworthy.


Obaidul February 28, 2013 at 6:30 am

Thanks for your comment, Chris.


Chandler February 28, 2013 at 8:41 am

Hey Obaidul, this is a nice post. Guest blogging is such a nice way for link building and sharing valuable content to increase your brand visibility and Author Rank.


Obaidul February 28, 2013 at 8:58 am

Of course, guest blogging doesn’t only bolster your site’s SEO (by getting you top quality links) but it’s also an effective tool with which you can position your brand, showcase your expertise and attract new customers.

Thanks for your comment, Chandler.


Adam March 8, 2013 at 10:02 am

Thanks for the post. I always find that guest blogging is the most preferred way to built links and promote your content.


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