How to Build a Linkbait Campaign That Delivers Results

by Obaidul Haque on January 25, 2012

According to Matt Cutts, link bait is something that's interesting enough to catch people's attention.

Link bait is a piece of content (in any form) that you create for encouraging people to link to your website or blog voluntarily. It’s important for SEO, as it can generate tons of one-way backlinks in a short span of time. Successful link baiting campaigns can enhance your site’s overall reputation and search engine visibility. Success, however, always comes at a price. Without a detailed action-plan, you can never expect to get a better ROI for your efforts.

Given below are a couple of useful steps (or tips) that you can follow to make sure your link bait campaign is built to deliver results.

Establish Clearly Defined Goals
Without having clear goals, you can’t visualize the direction you want to head into. There are also different types of link baits. Well-defined goals will make it clear whether you want to utilize informational hooks, humor hooks, news hooks, tool hooks, widget hooks etc. Whichever approach you take, the one common goal of link baiting is to generate a large quantity of natural backlinks.

Though the primary goal of this campaign is building backlinks, secondary goals may include driving traffic to your site, creating brand awareness or generating leads online. So, make sure the goals are clear.

Create the Link Bait
This is where you need to use the most of your energy and resources. Once you know what goals you want to fulfill, you can make decision about the kind of hook you should use to build a powerful campaign. Link baiting is a form of viral marketing because it uses explosive content that people find interesting enough to share with friends, who pass it on to their friends (and so on).

In order to create powerful link baits, you should also have a good understanding of its basic elements. No matter what type of link baits you plan to use for the campaign, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the following.

Headline (which immediately attracts attention)
Information (which is the soul)
Visuals (which enhances engagement)
Triggers (that surpass expectation of people)

These are the basic ingredients that link bait is comprised of. A lot of creativity and research will be required to combine these elements to create something unique, which instantly holds people’s attention, engages them and compels them to share the piece of content.

If you promote the link bait appropriately, half the battle is already won. When it comes to promotion, it’s all about the number of influencers that you have in your network of contacts. Use a variety of relevant social media platforms to help people first see the piece of content that you created as link bait. Apart from promoting link baits via Facebook and Twitter, you should leverage social platforms like YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc.

Take help from your friends, colleagues, co-workers etc. Whether you promote it via a social media website on your own blog, you should make sure that the link bait comes along with a compelling message (the call-to-action). Also timing will play a key role in social media promotion. Don’t forget that.

Calculate the ROI
Finally, it’s time to measure the results of your link baiting efforts. You can calculate the ROI in terms of backlinks to the link bait, search engine ranking, referral traffic, direct traffic, sales, conversions etc. By evaluating the results (statistics) of the campaign, you can get more ideas to build a stronger campaign when you create the next link bait.

Bonus Tips
I couldn’t resist myself to offer you some more essential tips, because link baiting is all about top search ranking and traffic (what every internet marketing professional aspires for). Have a look!

Choose the most creative people from your team to work on the project.
Ask people (you trust) for ideas, and use them as ‘food for thought’.
Target niche-focused sites (both big and small).
Consider hiring a professional service rather than relying on in-house resources.
Continue creating more link baits to learn new things (that you can apply next time).

Have you ever created link baits? Please feel free to talk about more link baiting tactics in the comment section below.

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