7 Inevitable SEO Elements to Your Website

by Daniel Rusling on August 15, 2013

seo-elementsWell, you don’t need to hire any SEO professional to optimize your page ranking in the search results. Performing search engine optimization isn’t a brain surgery after all. It is something you can learn, practice and master on your own. All you need to do is you have to spend some quality reading time and make some sincere efforts. SEO is a form of internet marketing and thus it has to do a lot with your business performance.

Remember, SEO is not a thing you can start anytime and in any way. There are several prerequisites. First of all you must be aware of your goal. What are the keywords you would like to target in your SEO campaign? Who are your competitors in the market? Search keywords acts as a compass for your website. You need to find out the keywords that are typically used by people in search of the products you offer. It is vital to focus on the right keywords.

Now, if you are wondering how you can conduct keyword research. Here it is:

Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool. With this tool, you will get a list of related keywords for your website. Take each keyword one by one and enter them in Google to know how many websites are being listed on the search engine result page (SERP). This way you can figure out how many other suppliers are competing with you.

In the search engine results, the websites that are listed on the top 2 pages are your major rivals. The Google Adwords tool is a great analytic platform that helps you know how many times each keyword is used on the web There is other software like ‘Word Tracker’ and ‘Keyword Discovery’ that are broadly used for keyword research

So, now you might have got a rough sketch of who your competitors are and what is the level of competition your website is facing. To being, below are the 7 unavoidable SEO elements that can enhance your visibility on the internet:

Indexable Website URL
Many businesses are not aware of the potential of the indexable website URL. If you are yet going to register your domain name and buy the space online, try to add a keyword in the URL. Also, don’t use complex and dynamic URL for your brand, as the search engine spiders find it difficult to index them. Moreover, don’t use special character or words beyond the limit.

A Good Web Hosting
A good hosting is essential to load the web pages quickly. If your website is having higher uptime, you may not get ranked in the top search results. Find a trusted and renowned web hosting service provider.

Add keyword in Titles and Headings
Add keyword in the title tag as well as in the heading tags like H1, H2 and so on. If you want to ensure that your blog or website get SEO-ed well, make keyword-rich titles and headings.

Use ‘ALT’ Tag
Professional SEO services provider use ‘ALT’ tag with the images, so the search engine spiders can scan the text within it.

Well-organized Internal Link Structure
Ensure that the internal link structure of your website is designed properly and filled with the important keywords. Search engine spiders give more importance to linking structure, be it internal or external.

Backlinks are also known as inbound links or in-links. To obtain high page ranking, you need to get backlinks from the other websites. Here, you need to ensure that the websites, you are getting links from, are relevant to the keywords and they have good PR values.

Quality Content
After the recent release of Google Penguin, the scenario of SEO industry has been changed. The SEO practices have been revised after this new release of the Google. Gone are the days, when the quality of the content was not at all a point to think; all you needed was the content stuffed with the keywords. But now, the quality of the content is given the prime importance by Google search engine. So, you can say ‘Content Is King’!!

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Nancy Badillo September 5, 2013 at 6:01 pm

Hi Daniel,

Great post! I do agree, that mastering SEO can be very easy to learn. I taught myself SEO by reading books and doing tons of research! It was worth my time because now I have tons of free organic traffic in my sites. Thanks for the list of tips to follow will be sharing with my community blog.


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