The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead: 6 New Rules to Reinvent Your Brand and Reignite Your Business [Book Review]

by Obaidul Haque on August 20, 2011

About the Author: A widely celebrated marketing expert, Timothy R. Pearson has multiple laurels to his credit. He has been able to carve his own niche in the marketing arena with his great business acumen. He has served as the CEO of the Zymon Group (a high ranking international management consulting firm) and the Vice Chair for KPMG. In addition, he also has the prominence of being on the advisory board of the Nobel Peace Center in the recent past. He has successfully led a number of advertising agencies towards success.

"The book is a must read for marketers, CEOs, business owners and just anyone who wants to tailor their marketing efforts to the increasingly demanding requirements of consumers."
In this newly released book (containing 256 pages), Timothy shares the success formula which he applied to boost the market share of KPMG (where he was the Vice Chair). In this book titled “The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead”, Timothy explains that marketing is not merely an art of advertising. He rubbishes the age-old beliefs that a lot of marketers hold dear even today. He shares six key marketing rules which can be followed to reinvent a brand.

About the Book
The book aims at helping businesses get rid of the age-old beliefs about marketing. The old-school marketing needs an immediate overhaul. The advancement of technologies has revolutionized the way of transacting business. In order to grow a business, you should prepare yourself to adopt the new technologies and embrace real accountability.

Whether you want to redefine your products or services in the modern-day world, “The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead” serves as a perfect guide to develop a well-planned and strategic approach towards growing your business and boost the sales.

The book focuses on how you can position marketing as a business partner, apply hard data to measure the ROI on marketing efforts and use thought leadership to lead an organization from scratch to the top.

In short, Timothy’s book offers solid and easy-to-follow steps which you can use to revolutionize your marketing action-plan. It explains how businesses can prepare to survive in a radically changing world of marketing. The six rules, as mentioned by the author, are the key to stay relevant in a world which is fast becoming highly data-rich and technology-driven.

The best part about the book is that it delivers readers actionable steps. The book addresses key marketing issues like achieving brand loyalty, using thought leadership to drive an organization’s growth and fulfilling the expectations of increasingly demanding consumers. And Pearson is certainly successful at giving readers a completely convincing demonstration.

Who Should Read
“The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead” is an essential read for everyone, who is a business leader, a marketer, a company director or owns a business of any size. The book explains even the most complex business concepts in a way which is convincingly balanced and easily understandable.

If you are interested in discovering Timothy’s six new rules which can quickly reignite your business, you can get the book here .

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