7 Reasons Your Affiliate Products Won’t Sell!

by Obaidul Haque on May 15, 2013


It’s experience that sells, not products!

Are you struggling to sell affiliate products on your website or blog? There’s little doubt that affiliate marketing presents an excellent opportunity to make money online, but it’s never as easy as many of you may think. On the one hand, you’ll find a lot of online or affiliate marketers who are earning a six- or seven-figure income by selling affiliate products. On the other, there are many who are unable to make only a few sales even after trying really hard.

Given below are seven potential reasons that you should watch out for if you are unable to earn a good income from affiliate marketing.

#1. You’ve Chosen Too Expensive Products
Many online marketers will have just money on their minds. In order to make more money, they choose expensive affiliate products to promote. Actually, the price range will vary depending on the characteristics or the traits of the target audience. If you aren’t selling enough affiliate products, you need to take a quick look at the price of products you are trying to sell.

If you see that the products you are promoting are too expensive, you should pick those products that are low cost. If you have an established site with a good amount of traffic, you can quickly increase the number of sales by choosing low cost or cheaper affiliate products.

Even if you are selling low cost products, you’ll earn a good commission because you’ll get more sales on a high-traffic blog.

#2. You’re Selling Non- or Semi-Relevant Products
In desperation to make more money quickly, many people will start promoting or selling even those affiliate products that are distantly or not related at all to a specific niche. There’s a simple question – ‘Why would a target audience want to purchase a product they don’t actually need?’

Whether you are just starting out or have spent some time in the affiliate marketing industry, never get swayed by hyped products that have little or nothing to do with the niche you come from.

#3. You’ve Not Used the Product Yourself
If you are trying to sell those affiliate products that you have not used yourself, you’ll be less likely to get more sales. One of the most important rules in affiliate marketing is to know a product really well before you want to sell it. When you have used a product yourself, you’ll also feel more confident to promote or sell the same. Without using a product yourself, you’ll never know whether it’s good enough to be promoted to an audience. Low quality products will also reflect badly on your reputation, killing your sales in the long-term.

#4. You Don’t Have a Compelling Story
Your target audience needs to be told a story, which inspires them and encourages them to go ahead and make a purchase. If you are only selling a product, you’ll hardly sell. If you are selling an experience, you’ll sell more, and more. That’s one of the biggest secrets of successful affiliate marketers.

Before you want to pitch an affiliate product to your audience, try to come up with an engaging story of your own. In this story, try to explain how using this product changed your life for the better. Talk about what makes this product really unique and different from others in the market.

So, craft a compelling story right now!

#5. You’ve Chosen a Wrong Niche
This can be yet another reason. Do you think you have chosen a niche that’s really profitable? If you aren’t selling any affiliate products even after trying hard, you may have stepped into a wrong niche.

Though affiliate marketing brings you excellent opportunities of making lots of money online, choosing a wrong niche will easily lead you to failure. While choosing a niche, you should pick one that’s less competitive yet offers a good market for selling products.

Most importantly, you should always choose a niche market that you know really well about. If you lack adequate knowledge about a specific niche, you won’t be able to sell products. It’s because you won’t be able to build trust or talk to your audience with authority.

#6. You’re Selling Too Many Products
It’s difficult to get a good number of affiliate sales also when you are offering too many products. Many affiliate marketers, particularly those who lack experience, think that selling tons of affiliate products will bring them more money. In fact, you’ll easily confuse your blog readers or target audience if you are promoting plenty of affiliate products.

Rather than joining every affiliate program that you think is profitable, you should become more selective. When you are promoting too many products, you’ll not be able to give the kind of focus each product promotion requires. By being selective, on the other hand, you’ll find it easy to focus more on the promotion of each of the products. So, you’ll make more sales.

#7. You Don’t Have a Good Sales Pitch
Also, you need to have a strong sales pitch or call to action. Though your audience will want to buy top quality products, coming up with good sales pitches will allow you to make more sales. If you want your readers to take a desired action, you must always ask for it. So, don’t miss it!

Do you promote affiliate products? Feel free to share your stories, experiences or tips in comments.

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rakesh kumar May 15, 2013 at 9:05 am

Besides all these good point the design of your site also does matter a lot. If you are promoting all these things from a dull site, again you will not able to sell any thing. Am i right ?


Obaidul May 15, 2013 at 10:17 am

Yes, you are absolutely right. A professional design is one of the most fundamental things that you need to pay attention to if you are really serious about setting up an affiliate or online business.

Thanks for your comment, Rakesh.


Jacob May 16, 2013 at 12:34 pm

I think the single greatest problem that you mention is selling too many products. If you try to sell everything, you won’t be able to sell anything. I have a personal blog as a freelance writer, and I’ve realized that I need to zone in on a select few products which I think will sell best.


Obaidul May 16, 2013 at 5:50 pm

Absolutely right. When you work with only a select few products, you’ll be able to devote more time to promotion that each of those products deserves. If the products are really good, more promotion simply translates to more sales.

Thanks for your comment, Jacob.


krimoon August 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm

Thanks a lot I’ve learned some new tips from the article, i appreciate : )


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