How to Nurture Leads to Increase Revenue from Online Lead Generation

by Obaidul Haque on April 14, 2011

According to Econsultancy, known to provide useful insights into digital marketing and e-commerce, online lead generation accounts for around 42% of a business’ total sales. The biggest benefit is of course the cost-effectiveness that compels businesses to generate leads online and increase their revenue. However, increasing revenue from leads generated online requires a well planned strategy which will include marketing your content to the target audience, capturing the leads, nurturing them, prioritizing the generated leads and handling the leads to your sales department at the right time.

According to digital marketing studies, around 80% of the leads a business generates online are not sales-ready. Leads that are qualified and sales-ready can be handed over to the sales department quickly. But, how do you look after those that are no yet ready to buy.

That’s exactly where ‘lead nurturing’ comes into play. In short, lead nurturing can be defined as the process of establishing relationships with your prospects and make them sales-ready. If you want to increase your business revenue to the maximum, you should know how to nurture your leads really well and make your prospects ready to engage.

Given below are some important tips on how to nurture your leads effectively and increase you online business revenue.

Analyze the Leads Well
Before you include a specific lead into your lead nurturing campaign, you need to have a closer look at the type of the lead. There are various criteria and behavioral information that you use to analyze the lead before you start nurturing the same. It is vital to make the right decision about which leads should be handed straight to sales team and which should be made a part of your lead nurturing program. This is a crucial step of your online lead management program.

Get Permission for Nurturing
Before you put leads into a nurturing campaign, ensure they are aware of the same. This practice is also termed as ‘permission marketing’. According to digital marketing experts, it is a good idea a pre-checked check box just below the registration form. At the same time, businesses should not forget to make the quality of your nurturing content visible to prospects.

Determine the Process of Communication
An important part of the lead nurturing campaign is to determine the process of how you are going to communicate with the leads. Decide the type of tools you will be using for educating your prospects. Some of the key online lead management tools for nurturing include relevant white papers, videos, webinars etc. You can educate your prospects by contacting them via emails, direct mails, telephone etc. Choose the communication approach wisely to successfully manage leads generated online.

Specify Your Goals
When you develop a nurturing program for leads generated online, you should be clear about the goals you want to achieve from the campaign. If you want to head on the right track, it is vital that you are completely aware of the specific objectives that you want to fulfill through the campaign.

Make Sure the Nurturing Content is ‘Not’ Self-promotional
The interest of your target audience is above everything else. Just because your prospects have chosen to participate in the lead nurturing program doesn’t mean you should send them promotional material. Therefore, ensure that your nurturing content is of superior value to make the most of your online lead generation and boost the revenue.

Timing is Key
When it comes to managing online leads successfully, timing is a vital ingredient. If you want to achieve success in nurturing your prospects, you should carefully decide the frequency of communication. However, the frequency of communication may vary from one company to another.

Please feel free to share your views on how businesses can increase their business revenue by effectively managing leads generated online. If you have some more tips to add to the above, you are always welcome.

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