11 Characteristics to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

by Obaidul Haque on August 2, 2012

A successful entrepreneur keeps their finger on the pulse of their customers.

The cost of generating a startup business varies from one country to another. However, it’s not the cost that actually matters at the end of the day. What really makes a difference is the range of entrepreneurial characteristics that a small business owner carries. Though successful entrepreneurs don’t belong to any other planet, they do have some unique qualities that set them apart from the rest of us. Don’t be worried if you lack those characteristics. The good news is that you can learn or develop those traits with practice.

But do you know what those qualities or traits are?

Listed below are eleven most important characteristics that are needed to become a successful entrepreneur. So, it’s time to conduct a self-assessment test and find out which of these qualities you possess and which ones you need to learn to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

#1. Pursue Something You Enjoy
When you want to launch your own start-up or small business, you’ll need to invest plenty of time and energy. You may need to work for hours on end. Do you think you can deliver unless you really enjoy what you have chosen to do. That’s why, it’s extremely important to choose an area of business that you are truly passionate about. If you don’t enjoy what you do, chances are your entrepreneurial venture won’t meet with success.

#2. Practice Self-Discipline
The best part about becoming an entrepreneur is that you work without a boss. And the worst is that not having a boss can easily lead to procrastination, which you need to avoid at any cost. One of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur is, therefore, practicing self discipline. You’re your own boss, so be a good one.

#3. Always Plan in Advance
Successful entrepreneurs never forget to plan things. In fact, planning is like a habit to them. No matter what part of business it is, they always abide by strategic planning. This quality is highly essential as it provides you with an opportunity to study and analyze things before they are implemented. If you want to become successful as an entrepreneur, develop the trait of planning each and every area of your small business.

#4. Know How to Self-Promote
Self promotion is one of the most needed characteristics for obtaining entrepreneurial success. Your success is in your own hands. As a young and budding entrepreneur, you need to work day in and day out to reach out to your audience. People are waiting to know who you are, what business you deal in and what products or services you have to offer. So, learn different ways of self-promoting the same.

#5. Have a Strong Belief in Whatever You Do
No matter what entrepreneurs do in business, they do it with plenty of confidence. They have unstoppable faith in their ideas and they are quite sure that it will work. If you watch a successful entrepreneur, you’ll notice a good amount of confidence in whatever they do. Many people would look at an entrepreneur’s self optimism as arrogance, which is wrong. People with entrepreneurial traits have firm belief in their ability to achieve the desired goals.

#6. Find Opportunities to Learn
This is again one of the key qualities that set an entrepreneur apart. They are always in the ‘learning stage’. They learn from other successful people. They learn from their competition. In fact, they don’t miss an opportunity where they think they can learn something new that can be utilized to boost the growth of their small or home-based business. So, don’t be unhappy with the success of your competitors. Instead, learn from them and grow.

#7. Know Your Customers Really Well
A successful entrepreneur keeps their finger on the pulse of their customers. They are eager to know what their customers like or dislike. They want to know what truly catches their customer’s interest. They try to find out the day-to-day issues that their customers are facing and work out ways to provide effective solutions. No wonder, they provide personal attention to their customers to keep them coming back for more.

#8. Sell an Experience
Entrepreneurs become successful not by selling a product or service. In fact, they sell an experience to their customers. By offering a product or a service to customers, the main goal of a true entrepreneur is to provide an experience that can’t be easily forgotten.

#9. Negotiate Effectively
All successful entrepreneurs are excellent negotiators too. If you want to become an entrepreneur and obtain success with your start-up or small business, you must perfect the art of negotiation. You’ll need to negotiate a wide range of deals while establishing your business. By being an excellent negotiator, you’ll be able to create a win-win situation just anywhere.

#10. Continue to Expand Your Network
One of the defining characteristics of entrepreneurs is that they are always trying to expand their business network. They use various ways to achieve this purpose. They regularly participate at community events. They attend industry related exhibitions and conferences. The join professional associations and clubs.

#11. Persist Until You Succeed
The journey of an entrepreneur is full of adventures. While making effort to establish their small business, they pass through ups and downs. They suffer from different types of setbacks as well. They fail, and then start all over again. It’s qualities like these that make up an entrepreneur. No matter what happens, you should persist until success kisses your feet.

What other qualities do you think an entrepreneur needs to become successful? Let’s talk back in comments.

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Terry Kennon September 25, 2012 at 1:57 am

I really like your characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. I believe that one of the most important characteristics for new entrepreneurs is the self discipline. Whether you call it procrastination or something that is done is better than perfect! This one trait will produce the results that will assist you in achieving your success.



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