Top Vital E-Commerce Tips to Build up a Thriving Online Store

by Stacy Carter on June 21, 2013


Make online shopping pleasurable for customers!

E-commerce is a thriving business with the development of technology that provides every marketer an opportunity to expand their business to the virtual community. People like the convenience of shopping online and the number of new online businesses in the internet continues to grow and perhaps will continue to thrive longer than their land based competitors. According to experts, e-commerce will become the next frontier in global business.

With the growing competition in the e-commerce industry, it is necessary to know how you can make your online store flourish and take the lead ahead of the competitors. Here are some tips on how to build a growing online store for your business.

Match Your Website URL to Your Business Name
It is easier way for your customers to remember your website when it is related to your business name or the name of your online store. This is in line with your efforts in building your own brand name online. While it is often not possible to create an exact domain name for your website as your online store name, you can try to add some variation without necessarily removing the actual name of your brand from the domain name of your ecommerce site.

Send Press Release
Sending press releases is one way to help improve the productivity of your online store. It is one of the quickest ways of letting your customers know about the latest products, services and updates without the need to contact them individually. Press release is a convenient way of distributing the word around to your clients to keep them updated about the latest events, sale offer and special events on your online store.

Improve Your E-commerce Site Design and Layout
You can pay for a professional website designer to help in making your e-commerce site more appealing and professional looking for your customers. It is important that your online store could make your customers feel comfortable when shopping. The layout structures of your website are important as it caters the need of your visitors to experience an easy interface to use when navigating to your e-commerce site.

A professional website designer will know the essential elements for a good ecommerce site that will give your customers a pleasing online shopping experience.

Use Local Search Marketing for Your Online Store
There are different tools that you can use in order to optimize your online store visibility within your local market. You may submit your online business to the major search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google for local business listings to help online shoppers find your online store. Make sure to add your local address, business email and contact number to make your customers find your ecommerce store more easily.

Give Freebies and Lots of Goodies
Shoppers are always craving for big discounts, sale and bonuses from an e-commerce site. You can entice your online shoppers to further patronize your products and services by giving them freebies like a discount coupon or other goods. It does not need to be a costly ecommerce marketing scheme as you can give them minimal bonuses and even sample products as giveaway to make them experience the pleasure of shopping on your online store.

Set-up a Merchant Account for Your Online Business
Make sure that you are able to create a merchant account in order to allow you to process your customers’ payment securely. It is important to create a merchant account for major credit cards and Paypal which are the most common methods of payment used by online shoppers. You don’t want to lose a valuable sale just because you cannot cater to the preferred payment method of your customers.

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