It’s Travel Season: 5 Things to Avoid Writing About in Your Travel Blog

by Elisabeth Crane on February 7, 2013


Not all your travel experiences should see the light of the day!

As travel season dawns once again, excited tourists might want to document their adventures online. By starting a travel blog, they can write about all of the magnificent things that are happening to them.

Whether they are going on a three-day backpacking trip in the next state or traveling through England, France, and Germany for a month, they should be sure to write with zest and passion.

Not all of their experiences, however, should see the light of day.

Here are five things that should never be made public.

1) Personal Contact Information and Itinerary
One of the most basic rules when creating or writing a travel blog is to never divulge any personal information. This means that phone numbers and street addresses should remain anonymous. Likewise, writers might want to think about avoiding publishing an exact itinerary. Criminals could use this information in a potentially harmful fashion. Once people have returned home to their residences, they can provide some more specific times and dates for their readers.

2) Physical Health Issues
When people are taking trips with friends and family members, they should never write about the physical ailments of others. Medical illnesses, in fact, are private affairs that should only be talked about in special circumstances. Though men and women should feel free to blog about the beautiful forests, mountains, and sandy beaches they have seen, they should avoid an extensive discussion of a close friend’s cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.

3) Mental Health Issues
Blog writers should always try to touch on the positives of what they have seen on their grand vacation. If they want to write a detailed description of a fishing trip or a boating expedition, they will have every right to do so. Certain psychological issues, especially those that deal with anxiety and depression, should be best left alone. If one of the other vacationers is currently suffering from a mental illness, no mention of it should be made. Rather, your writing should focus on the wonderful time had by all.

4) Recitation of Mundane Details
When it comes to blog writing, the individual entries should be as colorful and vibrant as possible. People should avoid listing mundane food items that they have recently consumed. Instead, they should go for broke. When they can weave a tale of captivation about the very essence of their adventure, they might convince their readers to take the same trip at a later date.

The ultimate goal of any good blog is to provide intriguing vignettes about exotic landscapes and cultures. Readers might then choose to expand their own horizons in the near future.

5) Gossip about Close Friends and Family Members
Last but not least, bloggers should make sure that they do not let slip any juicy secrets about a fellow vacationer’s financial or relationship status. Such things have a way of getting out into the open in online settings, after which everyone in the world has access to the information. Bloggers should always edit their entries carefully so that they are not spouting information that would embarrass a dear loved one.

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Ravi February 8, 2013 at 6:18 pm

Well Basically no PERSONAL DETAILS should be revealed on Internet as we can see many People doing misuse of our Privacy, Google and Facebook are under Constant Critics attack for this Hot Topic, then why should we give them more chances?


Anthony March 8, 2013 at 5:04 am

Unfortunately, some people don’t follow this advice in real life – hence why the internet is filled with tonnes of failed websites!


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