How to Blog (Free Tutorial)

by Obaidul Haque on February 25, 2012

There’s little doubt that blogging is an excellent way of earning an extra income. However, it may take years before you find an answer to – How to Blog Effectively. If things start to work in your favor quickly, you can also decide to become a fulltime blogger and make more money. It’s all about understanding the true essence of blogging, finding enough time to blog and producing content that your blog readers are actually looking for.

Given below is a list of all the useful posts that I’ve published on blogging and how you can make the most of it. You can use this list as a free tutorial or blogging guide and collect some of the most useful blog tips.

If You Want to Start or Plan a Blog
This is the biggest question that newbies are faced with. In fact, starting a blog doesn’t take plenty of time. You can get your blog up and running within minutes. What’s really important is that you adopt the right approach.

A 5-Step Plan for Beginners to Start a Blog
10 Best Blogging Guidelines You Should Embrace Quickly
10 Awesome Tips to Become a Better Blogger
Top Blogging Secrets for New Bloggers
Blog Planning Tips

If You Want to Learn Blog Writing
After you’ve your blog set up, it’s time to start writing. What you write about and how you express it are important aspects that you need to consider for achieving success with blog. Go through these key blog writing tips.

9 Tips for Blog Writing
How to Write a Blog Post Even Your Mom Would Love to Read!
5 Steps to Writing Explosive Blog Content
What’s the Best Size for Writing Articles or Blog Posts?
How to Connect with Your Readers on a Personal Level

If You Want to Grow Your Blog
The failure or the success of your blog depends on whether you are able to build a community of loyal followers or subscribers around your blog. Though great or top quality content is key to growing your blog, you should also know the best practices, tactics and guidelines to achieve quick blog growth.

10 Kick-Ass Ways to Increase Your Blog Subscribers
Five Key Strategies You Need to Follow for Getting More Visitors to Your Blog
7 Tips to Grow Your Blog with Email Marketing
Guidelines to Improve Your Blog’s Conversion Rate
10 Innovative Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Instantly

If You are Looking for Free Resources
The best part about blogging is that you have so many useful things available to you at no cost. There are free blogging platforms that you can use. There are free tools that you can use to improve your blog. Check out the free resources given below and use them to your benefits.

10 Proven Tips for Free Blog Promotion
Free Blog Hosting Websites
Free Blog Tools

If You Want to Improve Your Blog’s SEO
SEO is an important aspect of blogging. Though you shouldn’t get obsessed with search engine optimization, you should definitely learn the best practices and guidelines so that you continue to attract a good amount of organic or keyword traffic from major search engines.

How to Improve Your Blog By Interlinking Posts
Blog Optimization Tips: How to Attract Traffic from Search Engines
Free Google Keyword Tools You Can Use to Beef Up Your SEO Campaign
5 Top-notch SEO Plugins for WordPress Sites
8 Unique Ways to Get Backlinks

If you’re a new member of the blogosphere, you should also remember to know all the most used terms in blogging. The free blog tutorial wouldn’t be complete without adding this resource. So, here it is.

23 Terms Every Blogger Should Know (Blog Terminology)

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