If You’re Looking for a Seamless Web Development Experience, Choose PHP

PHP Development

A company dealing in web development has to take notice of several technologies in order to evaluate which one suits it the most. Web development is an expansive field, and with so many options to choose from, picking the platform that can put you on a road to success is no easy job. Moreover, web [...]

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Email Filtering – Is It Necessary for Your Business?

Email Spam

Every day, billions of emails are being exchanged around. They are important aspects of every business. With such huge amount of emails, there are chances that spam emails are also sent to your clients. Spam can not only be annoying but dangerous to the consumers. Spams are any emails that meet the following criteria. Anonymous: [...]

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Great Content is the Backbone of Modern SEO [Infographic]

Content-based SEO

Earlier, SEO was all about keywords, keywords and keywords. Since the very infamous Panda and Penguin algorithm updates by Google, the game of SEO has changed in a huge way. If you plan to stay in the game, you should quickly shift gears from ‘SEO-based content’ to ‘content-based SEO’. Without featuring great content consistently on [...]

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Ecommerce + Blogging = More Profits: How to Transform Your Blogging Approach

E-commerce Blogging

Blogging, by itself, is not the best form of business for you to take up. I’m not saying that you can’t make money off blogging, because you can. Blogs are good for business and blogs are also moneymaking machines by themselves. Some blogs such as ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, and TechCrunch have also morphed into full-fledged online [...]

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Why Your Ecommerce Website Must be Mobile-Friendly to Thrive

Mobile Version

You have a desktop version of your website. Now what? Do you need a mobile version? You’ve been told that mobile sites are important, but you just don’t get it. You’re making sales right now, business is good. Why mess that up? What you might not realize is that you could be improving your sales [...]

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An Email Newsletter is not about YOU!


Email newsletters are extremely effective in building customer trust and relationships. But at the same time, they can be extremely ineffective, depending on your ‘newsletter philosophy’. Businesses mainly use newsletters to include promotional content to help them grow revenue, but too much promotion can actually ruin your effort. What’s your approach to writing email newsletters? [...]

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Five Small Business Marketing Tips for the Hopeless Introvert

Introvert Woman

Being successful as a marketer or entrepreneur can be far easier when you have an outgoing, extroverted personality. Many parts of a successful marketing involvement – networking, holding meetings and speaking in public – are far more natural to the extrovert. What do you do, though, if an introverted personality is what you have to [...]

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8 Talented Web Design Blogs You Should Be Aware Of

Smashing Magazine

If you are thinking of having your own blog, then keeping up with other web designers can really help build your talents and give you some really great ideas for your own work. Since there are so many design blogs out there, we are going to help you out by letting you know of 8 [...]

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How You Could Ensure Return Visits to Your Website

Return Visitors

You just ask the owner of a successful website and he is likely to tell you that a major chunk of his bottom-line depends on returning visitors. However, getting returning visitors is easier said than done. Most of the website owners often try to go innovative with the layout of the website to attract new [...]

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Search Engine Optimization: What Can be Predicted about SEO in the Year 2014

SEO Predictions

Two things about Search Engine Optimization which are constantly changing are the algorithms and the guidelines about SEO rankings. Each of these 2 elements is extremely dynamic and it is changing the way your website is ranking on the search engine rank pages. There are several websites which are recovering from the ravages of the [...]

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